Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed this page to help answer the many questions that crop up during the exciting journey towards buying your new home. To view the answer, click on the question and it will drop down.

We also have these within a handy booklet which can be downloaded from here: Prestons Park Buyers Guide

If you cannot find the answer to your question, then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

What are the Density Types?

We have 4 different Density Types:

Density A: These are lots which have been designed for high density development and the sections are typically larger sections of around 800-1200 square metres which will be developed with 1-2 level Attached Terrace Housing each sitting on around 200 square metres.

Density B: These lots are 450-500 square metres which are zoned to accomodate houses up to 60% site coverage.

Density C: These lots are 600-650 square metres which are zoned to accomodate houses up to 40% site coverage.

Density D: These lots are over 800 square metres which are zoned to accomodate houses up to 40% site coverage

How do I view which sections are available?

You can view which sections we have available in one of two ways: by stage or by density, both of these options are found under the 'Sections for Sale' tab.

How do I find information about the Subdivision?

The information library is where you will find a wealth of information. The General Information contains a number of detailed reports in addition to important details such as plan approvals and corner lot fencing.

How do I find information about each Stage?

The best way to access details of each stage is to click on the 'Information Library' and then click on each stage. Detailed information on the sections released in each stage are available on these pages.

What is the LT Plan?

 This is the survey plan which has site measurements and the angles of the boundaries. This is found in the 'Information Library' under each stage.

What are the Site Levels?

This plan shows the site levels for each section. It also shows the placement of trees, street lights and crossing points. These are important considerations when you are designing your new home. This is found in the 'Information Library' under each stage.

What are the Asbuilt Plans?

These plans show the location of the services for your section. This is found in the 'Information Library' under each stage.

How do I get a Geotech Report?

We can provide individual reports on request by emailing and quoting the lot number your require the report for.

What is the buying process?

Once you have found a section you like we will put it on hold for you. The next step is to create a draft contract and then from there you sign the contract. Once the contract confirms you then pay your deposit. We have outlined in further detail how each of these steps for you.

What is a Hold?

Once you have found your section we can place a hold on the section for you for a period of 7 days to allow you to be sure that this is the one for you.

The hold process is very simple. Just email us through the website or email and we will put the section on hold for your and confirm that to you by return email.

How do I get a Draft Contract?

We send you an email which details the information we require to draft a contract for you. Feel free to talk to us about your circumstances and the appropriate clauses to be inserted into the contract.

Once we have received your details we will send you a draft contract for your consideration. At this stage we suggest you consult your solicitor. If you don't have a solicitor we can put you in touch with several solicitors who are familiar with the development and the Sale and Purchase Agreements.

All contracts use a pre-formatted template with the opportunity to insert specific Further Terms of Sale to sui your particular circumstances.

How do I sign the Contract?

Once you are happy with your contract we will finalise the contract and send it to you for signing. 

You will receive an email which has specific instructions which guides you through the signing process.

Our contracts are signed electronically. Essentially you receive an email which contains a link to the contract. Once you click on the link you will create a digital signature which is placed throughout the contract in the appropriate places.

The parties to the contract are contacted in sequence. Once the first party has signed the contract is sent to the second party and once all buyers have signed, the contract is automatically forwarded to CDL (the Vendor) for signing. Once CDL have signed the contract, it is dated and all parties receive a final signed and dated contracts.

If you are digitally challenged we are happy to guide you through this process.

When and where do I pay my Deposit?

Once your solicitor has confirmed the contract, we will send you an email with our Trust Account details and the reference number to allow us to track your deposit.

Once we receive the deposit we will send you a Trust Account Receipt.

Can I use my Kiwi Saver to buy?

Information in regards to Kiwisaver can be found by visiting the Housing New Zealand Website.

Please advise us if you will be using Kiwi Saver for your section purchase as we will need to construct the contract differently from our standard contracts. Specifically we will need to know if you plan to fund the deposit from your own funds or you plan to use Kiwi Saver funds for your deposit.

Do I need to sell my house before I buy?

The process of moving to your new home can seem a bit daunting with the lack of certainty around affordability and the time frames involved.

Our consultants are very familiar with all aspects of this process. We will be happy to sit with you and to answer your questions and also to shed some light on the questions that you may not have even considered.

We have also teamed up with Sheryn Atkins from The Loan Arranger who is ready and able to wlk you through the process of funding the transition to your new home. Sheryn is able to offer tailored finance and insurance solutions to make the process seamless and easy. 

Where do I find Site Measurements and Angles of the boundaries for my section?

This information is found on the LT Plan for the stage you are buying your section in, this can be found in the Information Library then by clicking on the stage for your section.

Where do I find placement of trees, street lights and crossing points?

This information is found on the Site Levels for the stage you are buying you section in, which can be found in the Information Library then by clicking on the stage for your section.

Where do I find services information?

This information is found on the Asbuilts for the stage you are buying you section in, which can be found in the Information Library then by clicking on the stage for your section.

Are internal boundary fences included in the price?

These are the responsibility of the Purchaser. The covenants provide a mechanism for cost recovery from your new neighbour once the adjoining section has been sold. We can supply your neighbour's contact details upon request.

Are the sections fully serviced?

All services are supplied to the section with the exception of the water supply. This forms part of the Building Consent process with Christchurch City Council.

How do I obtain Plan Approval?

Plans must be submitted to CDL for approval. The required details are available in the 'Information Library', 'Plan Approval' page on the website.

What is the TC Category?

Because Prestons Park is a new development, the land does not have a TC Category. We will supply a site specific Geotechnical Report which indicates that the land is TC1 equivalent and your foundationj design must meet NZS 3604.

How does the Vacuum Sewer work?

Prestons Park is serviced by a Vacuum Sewer System which operates from the street. Your connection to this system is a traditional gravity sewer and you do not need any special connections of equipment to connect.

How do I connect to the fibre network?

The fibre network has been installed by Enable Networks. Your preferred telecommunications provider will be able to offer a connection to the network.

Are there Building Ties at Prestons Park?

You are free to build with the builder of your choice.

Does Prestons Park offer House and Land Packages?

A number of our Preferred Builders offer House & Land Packages. Details of our Preferred Builders are available on the website.

Are Section Prices negotiable?

All prices are fixed irrespective of who is purchasing.

Is there a minimum or maximum house size?

The covenants contain minimum houses sizes for each density, The Residential New Neighbourhood (RNN) rules apply to Prestons Park. Your builder or architect should be familiar with these requirements.

On occasions the website may not appear to be up to date?

If the website does not appear to be up to date, please press SHIFT F5. This should refresh the page for you. Some browsers are set to go back to the last page viewed rather than retrieving the current page from the website. SHIFT F5 should solve this issue.

What if the section I really want is already on hold?

Contact us by either email of phone to establish the likelihood of the current hold confirming or if the section may be available again.

How do I register for updates on new releases?

Please email and supply your name & contact details and we will put you on our database. We will then email you to confirm that you are on the database.

What happens if more than one person is interested in a particular section when a new stage is released?

We request that buyers give us a list of preferences and wherever possible we try to accommodate those preferences. 
We then go through an allocation process. Once we have been through that process and we still have multiple interest in one section, we resort to a ballot. This is done by using a random number generator where, if we have three buyers, we generate a random number between one and three.

Do the Preferred Builders get to buy all the best sections?

No. Preferred Builders can only buy sections on the basis of previous purchases. At all times we maintain the proportionality between Preferred Builders and Private Buyers in terms of section numbers in each density.