Prestons Bus Route:

In May 2014, we consulted the public on a range of bus route changes which were implemented in December 2014. That included a proposal for a bus service from The Palms to Prestons (which continued to Spencerville). The proposal was approved, but the roads were not complete in Prestons so it could not be implemented at that point. The 150 bus service was introduced between The Palms and Spencerville with the intention of re-routing this via Prestons once the roading links were complete.

Our Operations Planner is working closely with the developer to get this change in place as soon as possible. The roading connections are now in place, a variation has been agreed with the bus operator and Christchurch City Council are installing bus stops, but we are still waiting for traffic lights to be installed on Prestons Road so the bus can turn out of  Te Korari Street safely. Completion has been delayed until approximately November. Once that is complete, the route will be able to start running through Prestons (straight along Te Korari Street).

The existing 150 bus route is not very frequent. At the moment, there are only six return trips a day so it works best for school students going to Shirley Schools. You can find the timetable at the link below. Once the service is re-routed via Prestons, we may be able to look at increasing the frequencies. The route doesn’t travel all the way to the city – it connects to the Orange Line and Orbiter at The Palms for people who want to travel beyond there.

Information from Environment Canterbury July 2016

Marshland school enrolment information

A message from the Principal:

Marshland School has recently moved to its new site and we feel very privileged to have such a beautiful new learning environment. We have taken with us our traditional country values and combined them with what we believe is a curriculum that will prepare children for a fast paced constantly changing future. 

Our priorities for Marshland School are:

  • to give children a solid foundation in Literacy, Mathematics and Science,
  • to  help students discover their passions and purpose
  • to help them to develop cognitive and social skills and
  • to help them form a good character and be responsible citizens.


We have created a safe and very effective learning environment for all our children from Year 1 to Intermediate! Caring for each other and valuing each other’s differences is part of our Marshland culture. We have a very “family feel” to the school and this is very evident as soon as you walk in. This is based on our very strong values and beliefs about creating effective learning environments.

I regard myself as being extremely fortunate to be Principal of Marshland, and to be working with such enthusiastic, passionate staff and lovely parents who are devoted to playing their part in their child’s education.

There is an exciting range of sporting and cultural opportunities, for all our children, and a specialised programme for the Intermediate part of our school. We are lucky to have many parents sponsor our school, and work in the school as volunteer helpers to enhance our programmes.

Our vision for a Marshland School Graduate is for them to leave Marshland School having developed the learning dispositions to enable them to become self-motivated, self-regulated learners throughout life.

Student wellbeing is very important to us as well as academic and physical success. This is a lively vibrant school and a happy place to be in. Our feedback from High Schools is that they can always pick Marshland kids – They are confident to have a go and put their hand up for anything life throws at them! They all have the motivation to learn.

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in the next two years at Marshland School, I would really appreciate you contacting the office to let them know:

This will help me with organisation of the correct number of staff for the next two years, and may impact on our schedule to build Stage 3 of Marshland School.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way, or if you would like to know more about the school at

Jacqui Pascoe

M. Ed, Dip Ed Man. Dip Tch. Dip SLT